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A Source of Motivation

A Healthy and Active Campus is an employee initiative to support efforts by Human Resources, Sports Services and Food Services to organize and promote on-campus activities that allow employees to stay healthy and active.

It's a network of more than fifty “champions” in the faculties and services.

Being Active

Être actif

Well Being

Santé et bien-être

Eating Well

Bien manger

Calendar of Events

Tuesday February 19: Step-up Destination 2020

Join your colleagues and take part in this Healthy and Active Campus event. We’ll go up and down the stairs for 20 minutes, everyone at his or her own pace. Meet in the Tabaret Rotunda at noon on February 19. You don’t have to register — just bring your running shoes and your energy! The most deserving team will be awarded the Champions Cup.

Other Events

  • Champions committee: Monthly meetings alternating between Wednesday and Thursday mornings and not lasting more than 45 minutes (9 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.)

Health Capsule

October is healthy workplace month in Canada. The goals of this month are to increase awareness of the importance of and promote healthy workplaces—an environment where employees feel safe, motivated and supported. However, achieving this requires a collective effort. Here's how you can play a role.

Play an active role in looking after your mental health

Our psychological health has a huge impact on our productivity and level of engagement in both our workplace and in our personal life. Reflect on how you're doing and test your knowledge with the workplace mental health quiz. Browse through the resources to help you better understand mental health available on the Shepell•fgi website.

Improve your workplace culture and environment

Start by complimenting your colleagues or decorating your workstation with subtle personal objects. Take back the lunch break. Take time to eat nutritious foods away from your desk, see friends or go for a walk. We're often more creative and productive after we've had a break.

Increase your resilience at work

Could you improve the way you react to stressful situations in the workplace? Increase your resilience by being physically active at work. It's often easier than we think. Register for the Office Yoga session during your lunch hour or visit the Gee-Gees site for more information on memberships and activities reserved for employees.

Keep the workplace safe

Adapt your workspace to your needs. You can consult uOttawa's ergonomics section of the HR website for more details or go over the ergonomics checklist (PDF) for tips on how you can adjust your workstation to better suit you.

Get a taste of good nutrition

It's cranberry season! Native to North America, this classic fall fruit was the first to be commercialized in Europe in the 1700s and provides us with an excellent source of vitamin C. Discover recipe ideas and how to buy, store and prepare cranberries.

Get active and have fun

When we think of the fall, we think of bright coloured leaves on the trees, cool weather and warm clothes, pumpkins and Halloween. Here are some fall activities to get you out with your friends or family. It's too soon to stay bundled up at home!

Saunders Farm is the western edge of Ottawa. They offer activities for young and old alike, day and night! Dress warmly, wear good walking shoes and head out for an adventure!

The Haunted Walk has been operating in Ottawa for 15 years. Every night, tour guides share haunting ghost stories and the darker side of Ottawa's history as they lead groups on foot around the streets of our capital. Beginning October 15, 2012, special Halloween tours are on the menu. Hold on to your hat!

Proulx Maple and Berry Farm, a few minutes from Orléans, hosts its terrifying Halloween event, Skreamers, and a pumpkin festival throughout the month of October. Activities run during the day and in the evening every weekend in October. Come out for some fresh air!

Learn more about the healthy workplace month here.